In brief about Jänisjemma

©RH, Pihka and Katla in winter 2013
Jänisjemma blog is intended to serve as primarily our hunting and blood tracking diary. I also tell generally about hunting and blood tracking. In addition there is a touch of "basset kind" way of living. "Jänisjemma" (Finnish) playfully means as "hare's hiding place".

I started blogging in October 2011, when Pihka was our only dog and then aged about three and a half years old basset fauve de bretagne. Katla is an investment dog (same breed) and came to us on December 2012.

Here is something more about Woodsman's Baikal alias "Pihka".
Here is something more about Vainukorven Catla alias "Katla".

A little funny listing about this breed:

How do you know that you have basset fauve de bretagne?
  • A walk with the dog will last a half longer than without it.
  • ©RH, Sweet dreams
  • Your dog will always notice when you are cooking and try all the time give advises or make quality inspection.
  • Even if your husband woke already, snoring continues.
  • People think your dog is dachshund dog nine times out of ten, and it at least once it is believed to be half dachshund.
  • All your dog agrees to do or learn, takes place through bribery.
  • You will notice continually search game marks when you are walking along.
  • Your sleeping position could be described as "groovy" when dog lies all over the place in the middle of the bed.
  • You just can't understand those who argue that the dog's don't eat and it can fast even days.
  • "Dogs have a sweet smell" the saying takes on a whole new meaning.
  • Your dog bark interrupted chatter when you visit to relatives or friends; "Is there also a big dog in addition of that little brown one?"
  • Your dog will engage in barter trade and offer to you dog chews if you give your steak. You find will think seriously it before you realize what you are about to agree to.
  • When you arrive home after a hard day at work, you are the one who has had a lighter day, even if your dog has just been sleeping.

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